Rose Garden

Quite an odd selection of old roses 

Heritage Roses

Rosa Duchesse de Brabant 1857 Tea, Rosa Mutablilis 1889, Rosa Lady Hillingdon 1911

Appleblossom Flower Carpet 1995

Hybrid Teas, Rosa Pascali 1964, , Daniel Morcombe, Double Delight 1976  Perfume Passion 2007

Floribunda,  Rosa Gallipoli Centenary Rose  2015

David Austin, Rosa Darcey Bussell  2008

Rose Garden at the entrance to Brisbane Botanic Gardens

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Rose Queen of Flowers

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Commission and sculptured from Helidon Freestone in 2006 by local artist Atone Buinsama. 

Rose Sculpture Rythm of Love

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Lionels Pink rose breed by Lionel Chitts from Brisbane 

Lionels Pink Rose

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BCC Garden Staff and QRS members working to create a lovely rose setting.   BCC Team trying to come to grips with the old roses using QRS members Laurel Sommerfeld and Sue Keays in 2019.   Laurel generously donated 15 roses back in July 2019.  Pru Pettet Assistant Curator   Jeff, Team Leader and Shelley, Senior Gardener 

Laurel Sommerfield donated 15 new roses in 2019 

Updated Rose Garden 2019

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Visiting Laurel Sommerfeld's Rose garden at Yandina

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Visit the rose garden


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