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Sample documentation that can be used to create the clubs constitution.

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To setup a Not For Profit (NFP) group the first step is to create a constitution based on the model specified by the Queensland Government.. This is usually achieved by taking the model rules from the Queensland Government web site and adopting most of the standard conditions from this model document. The standard conditions include the position of president secretary, and treasurer, meetings and how to operate the financial matters according to current legislation.

Variatio occur as the constitution takes into account local conditions such as the venue, number of meetings the defines the responsibility of committee members.  If the model conditions are adopted with little changes then there will be almost no need to get a lawyer involved.  There are strict rules that must be obeyed in setting up and amending the constitution so try not to make changes to the standard rules as the standard rules are written to conform with current legal practice in Queensland.  In comparison with  multi district clubs, autonomous single location NFPs are simpler to control.  The rose groups in Queensland are separte but have a loose association through an affliation arrangement.

To help clubs the model rules have been recently downloaded from the Queensland government web site and appear in two downloadable forms. 

Model Rules as a PDF,

            the simplest form for on line viewing

           4th October 2016 per web site 6th January 2021

           online PDF  OFT web page          

Model rules as a Word Document,

            the boiler plate version when you want to modify an create your own constitution

            20th Feb 2015 per website 6 January 2021

            online WORD Doc web page 

Form a committee to review the constitution and make amendments that must be approved by this committee.  Then call a meeting to ratify the constitution by an appropriate motion at that meeting.  make sure all members are notified according to the law. As soon as possible after the constitution has been passed, the secretary or president submits the constitution to the Office of Fair Trading(OFT) with an appropriate fee.  Allow at least a month for approval from OFT.  OFT may ask for changes so be flexible and make sure the documentation is done properly as Government Departments can be difficult.

Application for NFP constitution to the Office of Fair Trading

            Interactive PDF formwith fields and notes for online submission

            1st July 2019 effective 20th August 2020 per web site 6th January 2021

            Online Version of Submission

Allow about a month per letter to the OFT 

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