Christmas and Award Presentation Luncheon

The president runs a presentation luncheon and hands out awards to the outstanding members of QCGC and the various clubs.

On Thursday 15th December 2011 the Executive of the Q.C.G.C. assembled at the home of the President Noel Prior and his wife Heather for a Christmas Luncheon, and the photos below were taken at the party.  An opportunity for club members to meet and enjoy a delicious Christmas Lunch, often with some entertainment, to finish the year’s activities.  In alternate years Awards are presented for outstanding service to persons of member clubs and clubs in a variety of categories.

Enjoy the party

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A collection of memorable functions

Over the years QCGC have organised some really wonderful functions.

The events have provided interesting and entertaining days with plenty of opportunity for members enjoy friendship with members of other clubs and learn about  the uniqueness of each club.

Read through some of the events with nostalgia and look at the people who attended.  Mostly fond memories.  

Presidents' Morning Tea

Garden A-Fair  

Friendship Day  

Fashion Parade 

Christmas and Award Presentation Luncheon

Newstead House

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Friendship Day 

Organized as a lunchtime event at the Brisbane Botanic Garden in late June each year.

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Once a year as determined by the QCGC Council.

QCGC member clubs are invited and encouraged to have as many members as they wish to attend. A guest speaker provides the entertainment followed by the Wendy Wragge Competition, questions, a trivial pursuit question time on gardening issues. Attendees bring a plate of food to share for lunch which finishes the function.

Provides a method of networking clubs so they can share experiences in running clubs and discussing gardening issues.

Please encourage your club to attend this function when it is next scheduled.


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President's Morning Tea

Listen to the words of wisdom from the president.

Have high tea with the QCGC executive.  Presidents from many south east Queensland clubs enjoy getting together to hear a guest speaker on a topic of club management and to discuss items of common interest. Share in the raffles as you could be a winner.

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A Garden A-Fair

A Garden A-Fair is held annually around Easter time at the the Brisbane Botanic Garden, Mt Coot-tha Auditorium.

The clubs compete in friendly atmosphere and bring in a tremendous range of flowers and plants.

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A Garden A-Fair details for club participations  10th 11th April 2021   Postponed to Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June

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Held over the week end with a setup on Friday and displays Saturday and Sunday with a wind down Sunday afternoon.

Provides a great opportunity to meet like gardeners from Brisbane and surrounds.

Meet up and discuss club problems with the board of The Queensland Council of Garden Clubs.

Meet up with old gardening friends.

A Garden A-Fair 2011


A Garden A-Fair 2020


 A Garden A-Fair

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