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The Royal National Agriculural show held at the Brisbane Showgrounds is an annual event that includes garden displays in the Agriculutral pavilion.  If you come to the show visit the QCGC stand and all the other gardne club stands and talk to the gardening volunteers.

Photos from the Garden Shows at the EKKA 2023

QCGC EKKA display 2022

Theme: ZEN – “Peace and Harmony”

These days our garden is important to us all. A place where we can reflect and “take the burden off our shoulders” And “SMILE” The display reflects the ZEN theme and in the display we will have a “Wishing Pot”. The symbol on the pot says: Wishes do come True – Good Luck and Good Fortune. Anyone who visits our display can write on a piece of paper provided – their wishes for their life and their garden.

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When asked to set up a garden display to represent the QCGC, Pam & I used the idea we had previously discussed. Pamela designed the garden as she has been to Japan several times and had a good idea on what we required. A Zen garden needs to be peaceful, minimalist and meditative. We refreshed my Buddha head planters, decided on a colour scheme and constructed screen supports, sourced smooth rocks, hollow logs, moss, polished white pebbles and lanterns. I was in charge of gathering enough plants and keeping them in good condition. This was a challenge as the white Azaleas only flowered on last Sunday of the Ekka. Anne and Shirley brought in some of their plants and helped set up the display and we were most grateful for their advice. Pam cut timber for the dais structures. We spread the white pebbles to represent a river. To have an interactive display Pamela designed a wishing/Prayer line so patrons could write & attach their wishes to the line. She painted "Wishes do come true” using correct Japanese symbols on a round pot to hold the scores of wishes over the 10 day. I read the wish slips and found 98% were for Good Health & Peace. Some were very sad/personal wishes, a few for lovely gardens and fertility. I unrolled them and set them alight near my Zen area. There were lots of positive comments and photos taken of the garden. It took 2 half days to set up the garden but only 2 hours to pack 3 cars with the structures and plants to deconstruct the garden. We hope everyone enjoyed the Ekka event.                 Sandra.

Royal National Show EKKA

DATE               6th and 14th August 2022  12th to 20th August 2023

OPEN TIMES  7 am to 9 pm daily times manned determined on the day/\.

PLACE             Exhibition Hall where old honey show was 20 years ago.

COST               pre-purchased tickets only.

FEATURES      Work on the QCGC show stand and bring club brochures to handout.

CONTACT       Sandra 3389 6063 or Pamela 0419 568

Contact             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

QCGC stand at the EKKA



Our Patron with the Chief of the RNA David Thomas,

and Past President of QCGC Noel Prior.


QCGC Display at the EKKA

Pam, Anne Baster and Sandra

More stands

The RNA encourages member clubs to join the garden clubs displays at the EKKA.

Financial grants are available for participating clubs   

You need to have volunteers on the stand for at least a week













Northern Districts Horticultural Display Heather Prior

Winner  EKKA horticultural section


Floral Art  Society at EKKA 

Horticultural section third prize.


Orchids Societies of SouthEast Queensland 2nd. 

The Mabel Burnett Award for the Most Effective Display and the Colin Campbell Memorial Award for the Most Educational Display. There are nine Orchid Clubs who are Members of QCGC. 

Part of the EKKA Culture

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