QCGC EKKA display 2022

Theme: ZEN – “Peace and Harmony”

These days our garden is important to us all. A place where we can reflect and “take the burden off our shoulders” And “SMILE” The display reflects the ZEN theme and in the display we will have a “Wishing Pot”. The symbol on the pot says: Wishes do come True – Good Luck and Good Fortune. Anyone who visits our display can write on a piece of paper provided – their wishes for their life and their garden.

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Royal National Show EKKA

DATE               6th and 14th August 2022

OPEN TIMES  7 am to 9 pm daily times manned determined on the day/\.

PLACE             Exhibition Hall where old honey show was 20 years ago.

COST               pre-purchased tickets only.  Ekka Website

FEATURES      Work on the QCGC show stand and bring club brochures to handout.

CONTACT       Sandra 3389 6063 or Pamela 0419 568

Contact             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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